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Our Leadership and Family


Michael Huffman


Pastor Michael was saved at the age of 12 at Calvary Baptist Church in Scottsville, Va. and also immediately felt the call of God on his life to pastor. After graduation he attended Bible College and Seminary. Pastor Michael has served as Assistant Pastor for 28 years before becoming senior pastor. Pastor Michael believes that the only thing that God has promised to bless is His Word, so he leads the congregation in a verse by verse exposition of the Word each service. 

Pastor Michael attended Carolina University of Theology, Carolina Theological Seminary and The Masters Seminary.

Julie Huffman

Director of Emmanuel Baptist Academy

Julie served with her parents, Richard and Joyce Crotts, in Papua New Guinea, as missionaries. She has a love and talent to teach children of God's love. She teaches and supervises the school through the ACE academic program. Along with helping in the church as a helping hand.


James Huffman

Teaching Elder

James was graciously converted to Christ at the age of 8. He has felt the call of God to pastoral ministry upon His life for many years, and has had his gifts and callings confirmed. James will be attending the Masters University, and subsequently the Masters Seminary online, while being trained pastorally within the context of his local church. Above all, James simply desires to be found faithful, and counts it His most undeserved privilege, and honor to serve Christ in pastoral ministry. He desires to see the people of God, fed by the Word of God as it is rightly divided. It is to that end, and to the glory of Christ, He has devoted his life to serve in pastoral ministry.”


Music Producer

Zack is a talented young man with a passion for music and video graphics, and he has found the perfect outlet for his creativity in his church. With his keen ear for melodies and eye for captivating visuals, Zack produces exceptional music and video graphics that enhance the worship experience for the entire congregation. His dedication to his craft and his commitment to serving his community make him an invaluable asset to the church. Zack's music brings joy and inspiration to the worshippers, while his video graphics create a visually stunning atmosphere, elevating the spiritual journey for all. His contributions have made the church services more engaging, meaningful, and memorable, leaving a lasting impact on the hearts of those who attend.



Youth Teacher

Faith is a remarkable young girl who serves as a dedicated youth leader for her church. Her unwavering faith and genuine love for her peers make her an exceptional role model and mentor. Through her guidance and support, Faith empowers the youth in her community, helping them navigate the challenges of their teenage years with grace and resilience. With her vibrant personality and compassionate heart, Faith creates a welcoming and inclusive environment for young people to grow spiritually and build meaningful connections. Her commitment to fostering a strong sense of community among the youth has a profound impact on their lives, instilling values of kindness, empathy, and faith that will last a lifetime.

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